Today I started working on the new game.

It will be an RPG inspired by and based on the rules of the TTRPG Runecairn. I take some extra inspiration from the Ultima series and old-school RPGs.

I’m currently reading the rules of Runecairn in detail and planning the steps of development so that it won’t be as chaotic as in the case of Tap Dragon.

Projects should have a name. I don’t like it when I use labels like “my game” and similar. At the same time, I haven’t come up with a final name, so I have at least set a working one (with a little help from the Fantasy Names Generator) — I’ll call the game Project Vigmark for now.

Unlike Tap Dragon, I’m planning to write about the development of Vigmark, so I’ll be happy if you follow my progress — either here on the blog, or perhaps on the page for the game.