Finally, my very first game has been released today! Hooray! 🥳

The concept of this game was born in my head around 2020, when I finished the game development course for Unity. Back then, the game was created in landscape mode.

Around 2021, I discovered the Godot Engine and fell in love with it. Between my daily job and other activities, I started learning how this engine works, did some tutorials, and in 2022, I created the first playable concept in Godot Engine 3.x.

But then there was a breakthrough. Godot Engine 4.0 was released, and I fell under the urge to recreate the whole game in this new, shiny version.

When I look back, it was a mistake. The third creation of the same thing was exhausting, and I had to force myself to do it a lot. This led me to stop thinking about how to finish the game at the end of last year.

But the ways of a game developer are unpredictable. Last Saturday (20th of January), I got new energy to finish this (very long time) project. So, after a weekend spent in Godot and finishing the last few undone percent, I now have something I’m delighted with.

This game is not perfect. It can’t be; it’s my first project that I made myself and on which I learned countless things. But I don’t want to be trapped in endless improvement. So, here it is. Four years after this idea was born, you can play my first game - Tap Dragon. 🐲

Now I just hope I can get through the next projection in less time. 😅

You can find Tap Dragon on Gogle Play. I’d be happy for a review on Google Play or any comment - either on Mastodon or by e-mail.